Camping FAQ


Camping Pass is 39€ per person

The prize is fixed to 39€, no matter how long you stay. Each Camping Pass is valid for 4 consecutive nights at designated campsites.

If you don’t want to to stay overnight at Ypsicamping we recommend you to contact far in advance some accommodation in Castelbuono (or near Castelbuono if you are equipped with a car). In this case we recommend you always to check the distance between the selected hotel and the concert area (located in the center of Castelbuono). For more info, please contact us via email:

None until July 20th. A 50% fine for incoming cancellations after July 20th or an 100% one after July 31st.

No, it doesn’t. You need a 3-day pass or a day ticket to access to the concert area.

Yes, unsold tickets will be sold at the Ypsicamping box office.

Camping Check-in operations are possible between 9:00 and 17:30 during these days: 10 AUG / 11 AUG / 12 AUG. On 9 AUG Camping check-in times are more flexible.

No, for the campers there’s a proper free parking area called “Totò Spallino Sporting” in Castelbuono (at the entry of the town).

It’s about 700m far from the campsite.

By foot: 15 min walking in the park. Comfortable shoes are recommended.

By the service shuttle bus* or by your own vehicle.

By your own vehicle or by the service shuttle bus.

Shuttle Bus - Day service:

Shuttle Bus Line A and Shuttle BusLine B
- Castelbuono-Ypsicamping (roundtrip) 
The line A of the shuttle bus service connecting Castelbuono from the bus stop called "Spritz Bar"  (at the Castelbuono Coach Station where SAIS and AST buses from Castelbuono-Cefalù and Castelbuono-Palermo stop) 
to the Ypsicamping (times SOON AVAILABLE).
Line B of the shuttle service connects Castelbuono (from the bus stop called “Ponte Secco”) to Ypsicamping in the hours before the concerts.

Shuttle Bus - Night service:
Shuttle Bus Line B
- Castelbuono-Ypsicamping (ONE WAY)
Line B of the shuttle service connects Castelbuono (from the bus stop called “Ponte Secco”) to Ypsicamping in the hours after the concerts.

Day service is from 17.30 to 19.00. Night service from 01:30 to 2:15, immediately after the shows end*.

(*) possible variations will be announced.

In rush hour, the relative frequency isn’t more than 30 min.

Ypsicamping is 6,5 km far from Castelbuono.

Parking is 700m far from the Ypsicamping.

Sure, but not secure parking.

Yes, chemical toilets, showers and basins are located into the camping area.

Yes, it comes down from the source in the parking area.

Yes, you can, in a common area (not in your tent).

No animals, other than guide or hearing dogs, are permitted on the entire Festival site (Ypsicamping included).

Yes, there is police in anti-drugs road checks. So don’t take drugs with you. Don’t bring knives with you. Please read more info about the things you can and can’t bring with you onto the Ypsicamping and the concert area.

Any other questions? Please contact us via e-mail at: