Ypsigrock is the best festival on the planet.


If you missed out on Glasto, then you should try it.

The Times

Ypsigrock excelled once again, it must now be seen as one of the most tasteful and considered ‘boutique’ festivals in Europe, if not the world.


The best festival you’ll only find if you leave the beaten track of the European circuit behind.

The 405

There’s a mysterious charm to this Sicilian event that is nigh on impossible to put into words.


Un appuntamento che ha saputo diventare meta turistica, momento di aggregazione e di cultura, e soprattutto uno stato mentale.

Stefano Cuzzocrea (Journalist and unforgettable Friend)

Ypsigrock’s beautiful location, married to excellent production and hospitality resulted in the festival being one of the most memorable weekends of my life.

Andy Inglis (5000 Mgmt, UK)

You would be hard-pressed to find a festival more beautiful.

The Independent

Is this Europe’s most picturesque festival? Almost certainly, yes.




Ypsigrock Festival will take place from the 8th to the 11th of August 2019 for its 23rd edition at  its stunning location: the imposing Castle of Castelbuono, in Sicily, Italy.

Photo credit: Roberto Bonomo

The  charming  venue  takes  you  back  in  time,  inside  the  medieval  town  Castelbuono,  nestled  between  the Madonie Mountains and the sea on Sicily’s north coast.

Established  in  1997,  Ypsigrock  Festival  has  earned  a  reputation  as one of  the  most  suggestive  European boutique festivals. And in it’s 21st year, Ypsigrock has been selected among 10 international festivals on the Best Small Festival shortlist of the European Festival Awards 2017, held at Eurosonic, Groningen.

Photo credit: Manfredi La Marca

Photo credit: Patrizia Chiarello

Ypsigrock Festival is an enchanted pocket sized event turned out to be the benchmark for addicted indie-rock  lovers.  Ypsigrock  is a  choice  of quality and  it  differs,  cause  it  mixes  up  several  charming  aspects  of  a music festival with an exclusive location.

Photo credit: Stefano Masselli

The strong reputation for its varied line-ups led to being awarded as the best festival 2015 at the Italian On Stage Awards. The festival puts a lot of its effort into the artistic programming and the integration into the local culture, the unique Sicilian cuisine and world famous wines.

Over  the  years  Ypsigrock  has  been  bringing the  best  musical  artists  to  Sicily including  Editors,  Mogwai, Daughter,   Savages,   Moderat,   Battles,Metronomy,   Primal   Scream,   Future   Islands,   Caribou,   Belle   & Sebastian,Dinosaur Jr., Mudhoney, together with up and coming international and Italian talent.

Furthermore Ypsigrock welcomed the Italian debuts of Jon Hopkins, Alt-J, SOHN, Django Django, Hinds, Fat White Family, among others. ri.

Ypsigrock’s stages are located all around the picturesque Sicilian mountain town of Castelbuono.

Photo credit: Roberto Bonomo

Photo credit: Roberto Bonomo

The main stage, the Ypsi Once Stage, is set in a truly breathtaking square, a natural amphitheater shaded by the impressive Castle of Castelbuono and the lovely town is crowded by thousands of festivalgoers.

Photo credit: Roberto Panucci

Piazza  San  Francesco encloses the  wonderful  eighteenth-century  cloister that  embraces  the Ypsi  &  Love Stage, the second stage of the Festival.

Photo credit: Roberto Panucci

Photo credit: Roberto Panucci

The equipped  camping  area Ypsicamping where  is  set  the Cuzzocrea  Stage is  located inside  Madonie National  Park,  a  spectacular  naturalarea  in  the  middle  of  the green  woods that  surround  Castelbuono.Ypsicamping is a fantastic place where it’s possible to join the Festivalin a friendly and absolutely relaxed atmosphere.

Photo credit: Elisabetta Brian

Photo credit: Elisabetta Brian

The  fourth  stage  is  the Mr.  Y  Stage,  at  the  Centro  Sud,  a deconsecrated  baroque  church  in  Castelbuono, the mostintimate stage during Ypsigrock.

Castelbuono  is  located  in  about 400m  above  sea-level at  the  foothills  of  the  Madonie  Mountains, about 1hr 30mins drive from the Palermo international Airport and a 20 mins drive to the Mediterranean coast.

Photo credit: Roberto Bonomo

Photo credit: Roberto Bonomo

The  festival  features  a camping  site in  a  umbrageous  pine-wood,  while  Castelbuono  also  offers  various types of accommodation, from b&bs, agriturismos, to five-star hotels.

Getting  to  Castelbuono  means  discovering the  inner  heart  of  the  most unknown  Sicily:  an  unexpected journey through artistic, natural and cultural beauty, essential statements of the genuine Made in Italy.

Ypsigrock Festival is also the best chance for a great vacation destination in the summer, completely lost among  several  Mediterranean’s  undiscovered  jewels:  Cefalù’s  marvelous  sands,  Pollina’s  rocky  shores with  transparent  sea  and  Madonie’s  incredible  peaks,  all  from  the  extraordinary  panoramic  position  of Castelbuono,affording a magnificent view of a land rich in charm, decorated with athousand colours and enriched by delicious cuisine.

Photo credit: Valeria Di Pasquale

Every  year  Ypsigrock  Festival  brings  in  Sicily,  usually  for  the  first  time  ever,  a  wonderful  selection  of international artists, in a timeless and incredible spot.

It’s difficult to find a better place for people with a steady cultural, natural and musical attitude.

Find out Ypsigrock and discover the unexpected Sicily!

Photo credit: Valeria Di Pasquale


Avanti il Prossimo – Artist Application
If you are an emerging band that would like to play Ypsigrock Festival, please note that every year we organise a Talent Competition called “Avanti il Prossimo” (literal translation: who’s next?) and artists from any musical genre can apply. This competition gives new acts the chance to compete for a slot on one of the stages at Ypsigrock Festival.
“Avanti il Prossimo…2020” is set to launch in Spring 2020.
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“Avanti il prossimo…” is the emerging talent contest organized every year by Ypsigrock Festival. This competition gives new acts the chance to compete for a slot on one of the stages at Ypsigrock Festival.

“Avanti il Prossimo…2020” is set to launch in Spring 2020.

Be sure to follow us on our Facebook page and on our Instagram profile and subscribe to our newsletter to get updates. 

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