Ypsigrock Festival 2017 welcomes the opportunity to partner with foreign specialized and non-specialized media such as print publications, radio and TV broadcasting channels, internet portals, information agencies, webzines and prominent bloggers.
Media partners provide full scale coverage and publicity leading up to and during the event.

A media partner can contribute the combination of the following:
– Placement of information about the upcoming event;
– Ypsigrock Festival 2017 ad publication;
– Ypsigrock Festival 2017 banner placement on media home page with link to the festival web site;
– Ypsigrock Festival 2017 ad placement in news lines;
– E-mailing ;
– News about the upcoming event;
– Publication of interviews with members of Ypsigrock Festival 2017 Organization;
– Special feature articles, news programs in media directly before the event;
– Post-show special feature article, news program.

Media partnership can include options not listed above but of interest to Ypsigrock Festival, the organization considers providing extra opportunities for a media partner.
All partnerships are evaluated individually. Ypsigrock Festival 2017 media partners that provide a big amount of support have advantage when it comes to floor space assignment and media partner information placement on festival advertising materials as well as on the festival web site.
Ypsigrock Festival informs media partners beforehand about all events leading up to and during the event and provides all necessary information.

Ypsigrock Festival 2017 contributes:
– “Ypsigrock Festival 2017 Media Partner” status assignment;
– Accreditation for media partner representatives for all events during Ypsigrock Festival 2017;
– Logo placement at the Ypsigrock Festival website home page;
– Media partner’s logo and information placement in the official festival guide;
– Opportunity for a media partner to hold its own event (press conference, briefing, presentation etc.);
– Opportunity to distribute media partner’s product at the festival (by agreement with the Ypsigrock Festival organization);
– Providing a media partner with all the necessary information about Ypsigrock Festival 2017;
Yuo can sand your media partnership proposal via mail at:;
Media partnership applications will close on Sunday, May 28th. You will be notified by Monday, June 5th if you have been approved.