Ypsi & Love

Ypsigrock is the best festival on the planet.


If you missed out on Glasto, then you should try it.

The Times

Ypsigrock excelled once again, it must now be seen as one of the most tasteful and considered ‘boutique’ festivals in Europe, if not the world.


The best festival you’ll only find if you leave the beaten track of the European circuit behind.

The 405

There’s a mysterious charm to this Sicilian event that is nigh on impossible to put into words.


Un appuntamento che ha saputo diventare meta turistica, momento di aggregazione e di cultura, e soprattutto uno stato mentale.

Stefano Cuzzocrea (Journalist and unforgettable Friend)

Ypsigrock’s beautiful location, married to excellent production and hospitality resulted in the festival being one of the most memorable weekends of my life.

Andy Inglis (5000 Mgmt, UK)

You would be hard-pressed to find a festival more beautiful.

The Independent

Is this Europe’s most picturesque festival? Almost certainly, yes.



YPSIGROCK FESTIVAL 2021 “Tiny but Needed”

Following the persistence of the Covid-19 pandemic, a reshaping of the original event was required.
So, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re planning to host a tiny version of Ypsigrock 2021 (very limited capacity and seated) called Ypsigrock Festival 2021 “Tiny but Needed” from 5th to 8th August 2021 in Castelbuono, Palermo (Sicily).
All the changes made are the result of evaluations which provide that an interpersonal safety distance is always maintained within the event area, as currently envisaged by the provisions of the competent authorities in Italy.
– This year Ypsigrock Festival features only 2 stages downtown, but they don’t play at the same time, so each band performs without clashes on 4 days.
– In order to ensure interpersonal safety distances and all the hygiene and health standards necessary to comply with anti-covid safety protocols, camping is not provided this year for Ypsigrock 2021 “Tiny but Needed” edition.
– In order to ensure interpersonal safety distances and all the hygiene and health standards necessary to comply with anti-covid safety protocols, this year there is NO private shuttle organized by the festival for Ypsigrock 2021 “Tiny but Needed” edition. It will be possible to reach Castelbuono ONLY by bus (S.A.I.S.) or by autonomous private vehicles (more info here).
– Access health protocols will be drawn up following all Italian Government provisions in force at the time of the event. Once the Italian Government will signed the protocol for updating the measures to combat and contain the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 virus for the outdoor events scheduled for August 2021, we will communicate COVID-19 event protocol access. Until then we look forward to updated regulations.
–  Ypsigrock 2021 “Tiny but Needed” Lineup so farÁSGEIR (IS) / IOSONOUNCANE (IT) / DARDUST (IT) / MOLCHAT DOMA (BY) / PONGO (PT)  / COMA (DE) / CAMILLA SPARKSSS (CA-CH)/ KRISTIN SESSELJA (IS) + an Exclusive Artist Residency Premiere Show for the format “The Sound of This Place 2021” w/ Alec Ounsworth aka Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (US), Andrea Noce aka Eva Geist (IT), Barbara Lehnoff aka Camilla Sparksss (CA/CH), Gustav Düsing (DE) and Julien Dufour (FR).
More acts TBA soon.

All previously purchased tickets for Ypsigrock 2021 (via DICE, Christmas Box and LiveTicket) remain fully valid.

All previously purchased 3-day passes automatically become 4-day passes and they are valid for 4 days (from 5 to 8 August 2021).
FULL PRICE 4-day pass for Ypsigrock 2021 “Tiny but Needed” is 89€+ fees. 

Given the very small capacity and the very limited availability of tickets, we advise people strongly interested in participating in Ypsigrock 2021 “Tiny but Needed” to purchase their ticket as soon as possible to secure a place.
Under current conditions, given the very low anti-covid capacity, day tickets are not available, only 4-day passes are on sale now.
If, based on the new government provisions that are expected, it will be possible to increase the current reduced capacity of the venues and also provide a bunch of day tickets, we will promptly notify you on our channels.

Please consider before buying.
The Covid-19 pandemic continues to affect international travel. Any country may further restrict travel or bring in new rules at short notice, for example due to a new Covid-19 variant.

Please refer to the page Covid-19, situation in Italy, and to the FAQ published on the Italian Government website for a summary of the different restrictions applied in Italy (check for entry restrictions, testing, or quarantine requirements).
Be prepared to comply with changing restrictions to manage local COVID-19 outbreaks, such as border closures, movement restrictions, testing and quarantine requirements.
Travel restrictions may unexpectedly delay your return home. Plan for possible delays.


All 2020 and 2021 tickets (3-day passes) remain fully valid for Ypsigrock 2021 “Tiny but Needed” and automatically become 4-day passes and they are valid for 4 days (from 5 to 8 August 2021). If you intend to keep your ticket, no action is required.

However, if you have purchased a 3-day pass via DICE but you are unable to attend Ypsigrock 2021 “Tiny but Needed” (5th-8th August 2021), you can request a full refund by June 30th. All DICE customers will be contacted by DICE regarding next steps. For more info, please read here.

Christmas Box
All contents of the Box will remain fully valid for Ypsigrock 2021 “Tiny but Needed” and automatically become 4-day passes and they are valid for 4 days (from 5 to 8 August 2021) or for 2022. 

In each Christmas Box 2020 there was a numbered and limited edition #Ypsi20 PVC card, valid for the access to the Festival, which corresponded to an early bird 3-day festival pass 2020. All 2020 cards will remain fully valid and will automatically transfer to 2021 (or to 2022, in case you cannot attend in 2021)

Although the Christmas Box is – as specified during the purchase process – a product that normally does not benefit from a refund, given the current extraordinary situation, we have decided to provide some benefits for those who have purchased it.

This special measure, reserved for only the Christmas Box 2020 buyers, is in appreciation of the public’s trust, for all those who have bought a 3-day pass sight unseen.

Only and exclusively if you have purchased a Christmas Box 2020 and you intend to keep your 2020 card (valid now for an early bird 4-day festival pass for Ypsigrock 2021 “Tiny but Needed”), you can decide whether to use it in 2021 or in 2022. So, if you have purchased a Christmas Box 2020 and you will not ask for a refund, you will have the option to choose whether to use your pass this year or next after. And the choice of reference year (2021 or 2022) can (and should) be made by June 30 2021, by sending an email to info@ypsigrock.it.

We really hope that you can all hold on to your ticket, support our independent festival and return this year to celebrate 24 years of Ypsi & Love in Castelbuono or next year for our 25th edition. But, in the sad case you would still like your card (valid for an early bird 4-day festival pass) to be exceptionally refunded, please fill out the appropriate form on this website by June 30 2021 to request a partial refund for the value of 50€ for each Box. We remind that each Christmas Box doesn’t only consist of the card that permits access to the Festival, but it contains various gadgets and a discount, already received several months ago by all the Christmas Box buyers and still in their possession. Moreover, the item “Christmas Box” had actually some out-of-pocket costs assumed by us such as design, setting up, assembling and logistics team to take into consideration.
Thanks for your understanding.