Ypsi & Love

Ypsigrock is the best festival on the planet.


If you missed out on Glasto, then you should try it.

The Times

Ypsigrock excelled once again, it must now be seen as one of the most tasteful and considered ‘boutique’ festivals in Europe, if not the world.


The best festival you’ll only find if you leave the beaten track of the European circuit behind.

The 405

There’s a mysterious charm to this Sicilian event that is nigh on impossible to put into words.


Un appuntamento che ha saputo diventare meta turistica, momento di aggregazione e di cultura, e soprattutto uno stato mentale.

Stefano Cuzzocrea (Journalist and unforgettable Friend)

Ypsigrock’s beautiful location, married to excellent production and hospitality resulted in the festival being one of the most memorable weekends of my life.

Andy Inglis (5000 Mgmt, UK)

You would be hard-pressed to find a festival more beautiful.

The Independent

Is this Europe’s most picturesque festival? Almost certainly, yes.


“Tutti Inclusi” Project

Introducing “Tutti Inclusi”

Fondazione CON IL SUD, a non-profit entity committed to promoting paths to social cohesion and a network of best practices to foster development in Southern Italy, has chosen the Cultural Association Glenn Gould, which organises the Ypsigrock Festival, to headline its new community enhancement programme “Tutti Inclusi”

The Purpose of “Tutti Inclusi” Project

The programme was formally launched in August 2018 with the 22nd edition of the Ypsigrock Festival and will continue through the summer of 2021. The Cultural Association Glenn Gould will develop and coordinate the programme’s operations in and around Castelbuono, as well as the main events open to the general public that take place in the Sicilian community and its surroundings, including those related to religious festivals.

“Tutti Inclusi” aims to encourage everyone’s participation in these events, particularly people with various abilities and needs, through two approaches:

  • accessibility to places of historic, artistic, religious and social value
  • the production and management of events with high public interest

The project was born after an analysis brought to light a series of challenges found at Castelbuono’s events in recent years. Its goal is to remove the barriers that keep people from attending events or using the locations where they are held, by researching and offering solutions that encourage active participation by all – especially those who have diverse identities, expectations, needs, interests and abilities.

In Castelbuono, we’ve launched an important experiment: an inclusive local development plan that will strengthen social cohesion and create concrete opportunities for the community and the area,” underscores the Fondazione CON IL SUD. “From this vantage point, culture and attention to issues of accessibility represent two significant levers to help point the way in the direction of change.”

The project has the specific civic and moral objective of giving everyone equal opportunities, even in entertainment and leisure,” says Gianfranco Raimondo, who will serve as the “Tutti Inclusi” chief executive. “We have the chance to become a model that can be exported throughout Italy. In recent years, Castelbuono has distinguished itself for its thriving culture, with all kinds of events that attract various audiences to our area throughout the year. That’s exactly why,” concludes Raimondo, “with ‘Tutti Inclusi’ we are finally aiming to meet the needs of people who encounter numerous difficulties in their daily life, not to mention at events or performances.”

The Goals of  “Tutti Inclusi”

  • Structural Improvements in the Area

“Tutti Inclusi” will take the form of structural improvements, making the main locations of events in Castelbuono (The Ventimiglia Castle, Castle Square, San Focà’s picnic area, Remembrance Park – Parco delle Rimembranze) accessible and usable for everyone. Other solutions will be implemented in specific contexts. In general, the project provides for lasting structural improvements that will benefit Castelbuono’s entire community. Ultimately, by realising the objectives of “Tutti Inclusi,” Castelbuono is set to become a national model for accessibility in entertainment and every kind of social event. In addition, the project envisions robust collaboration among the partners involved. Working in the spirit of interaction, cooperation, involvement and creativity, they will develop accessibility solutions through customised projects, promotional and sensitivity campaigns, and the participation of those with diverse abilities.
All the events in the scope of the project will include an area with a raised platform so anyone with mobility impairments or other physical disabilities can participate in comfort and safety. In addition, services like the ticket office, food and beverage area and toilets will be upgraded to increase accessibility. The Ventimiglia Castle, the symbol of Castelbuono, will undergo specific improvements with the installation of a lift, financed in partnership with the Municipality of Castelbuono and the Civic Museum.
San Focà’s picnic area and Remembrance Park (Parco delle Rimembranze) will be upgraded with special entrance ramps, reserved parking for those with disabilities, and improvements to permanent toilet facilities, so that anyone and everyone can have access to, move around and use these recreational spaces in an equal and non-discriminatory way.

  • Launching a Production and a Communication Office For All

Another facet of “Tutti Inclusi” is the development of qualified personnel who can produce and manage events that are increasingly accessible to everyone, regardless of their needs. The staff will be drawn from production, communication and logistics sectors. On request, the team will be available to offer professional expertise for any event that wants to take on the challenge of equal opportunity and a “for all” approach.

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  • Gianfranco Raimondo: Chief Executive
  • Vincenzo Barreca: General Manager
  • Annalisa Genchi: Referent for Accessibility and Monitoring
  • Marcella Campo: Head of Communication
  • Christoph Storbeck: International B2B relations
  • Roberto Cammarata: Production Manager
  • Management Accountants: Studio Toscano Cicero
  • Mario Antonio Prestianni, Paolo Prestianni, Gianmaria Città, Fabrizio Morici, Dario Di Garbo, Antonello Castiglia, Mario Spallino, Bartolo Prestianni: Logistics, Production, Communication.